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interior design st louis


Julie Abner Interiors transforms the broader narrative of her clients' lives into smart, elegant spaces that are uniquely theirs. Her practice is based on the philosophy of using the fundamental elements of architecture as building blocks to create thoughtful, aesthetically heightened spaces that reflect her clients' personality in every detail.

Inspired by natural elements such as light, texture and balance, Julie believes that by working closely with her clients, the creative process greatly expands and elements such as harmony, cohesiveness and simplicity begin to appear naturally.

"The wonderful thing about people is that we all have a unique perspective on what makes a space 'comfortable' or 'right,'" Julie says. "Some may find those differences challenging, but I see an individuality that is really worth celebrating."

Formed in 2006, Julie Abner Interiors is a full-service interior design firm specializing in residential spaces located in metropolitan St. Louis. Julie's focus on concierge-style service and client communication has allowed her to build her practice on referrals and clients who return again and again.

St. Louis Missouri
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